Careerbuilder komt naar Nederland?

Een interessant nieuwsfeit, rechtstreeks van Recruiter:

US job board giant CareerBuilder is looking ahead to its European expansion. The next three to five years could see the company take its brand into countries such as France, Germany and the Netherlands, following on the heels of the opening of its UK operation last year.

“We are evaluating all markets and will expand … possibly over the next three to five years,” says Farhan Yasin, president of CareerBuilder’s international group. “ Our approach is to build organically or acquire in countries where we believe we will have an ability to create a long-term sustainable advantage.”

The company estimates that the UK, France, Germany and the Netherlands represent 80% of the European online recruitment market. But Yasin declined to specify which countries CareerBuilder would target for expansion.

The UK is “very important” to CareerBuilder’s ultimate success in Europe, Yasin told Recruiter. “It is large and rapidly growing, but we believe it’s critical to look at each country opportunity in and of itself. Being successful in the UK does not mean that we will be successful in other markets.”  They value the UK online recruitment market at between US $300m- $400m.

De grote jongens komen naar ons kleine landje!

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