Privacy (again)

Er is veel te doen over privacy, n.a.v. een artikel op HRlog over google en mobiel schreef ik er hier al een blog over en Michel blogde daar weer overheen met een nieuw artikel over GPS en recruitment, dat wederom over privact ging. Nu schrijft Seth Godin (die geen Nederlands spreek en onze blogs niet leest) er ook weer een mooi stuk over. Een stukje hiervan wil ik u niet onthouden:

There’s been a lot of noise about privacy over the last decade, but what most pundits miss is that most people don’t care about privacy, not at all.

If they did, they wouldn’t have credit cards. Your credit card company knows an insane amount about you.

What people care about is being surprised.

If your credit card company called you up and said, “we’ve been looking over your records and we see that you’ve been having an extramarital affair. We’d like to offer you a free coupon for VD testing…” you’d freak out, and for good reason.


So far, government and big companies have gotten away with taking virtually all our privacy away by not surprising most of us, at least not in a vivid way.If I were running a web property, I’d work hard to attract the people who least want privacy and want to share their ideas with everyone else. Make promises, keep them, avoid surprises. That’s what most people (and the profitable people) want.

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