Een open brief aan Rob McGovern

Logotype JobFox Op 30 mei heb ik een e-mail gestuurd aan Rob McGovern. Hij is de CEO van JobFox, de vacaturesite die de Personal Job Market Explorer aanbiedt.

Hoewel ik vrijwel dagelijks ongevraagde e-mails van McGovern krijg, is hij me nog altijd een antwoord schuldig op mijn e-mail. Waarin ik hem vraag om uitleg over de buitengewoon slechte service die JobFox levert met haar Personal Job Market Explorer.

Daarom hierbij de tekst van de e-mail zoals ik deze naar McGovern heb gestuurd:

Dear Mr McGovern,
I have been analyzing your Personal Job Market Explorer (as part of the free 14-day offer) over the last week and have written a series on the subject on my Dutch blog, RecruitmentMatters.

Based on my research, the service turns out to be completely useless:

  1. "Highly compatible matches" turn out to be total mismatches
  2. Jobs claimed to be found on the 1.400+ sites are not available on the JobFox Advantage dashboard
  3. The user is required to return to JobFox to see jobs for both the Direct Employer and Recruitment Agency

This for a service that is under normal circumstances a paid-for model. Compared to verticals like Indeed or SimplyHired, with a free job agent and no requirement to return to the site to see the jobs, the JobFox service service falls short of any expectation.

In the light of these findings I’m interested in your response to these findings. I would also be very interested to learn how many people have signed up for the paid version of the Advantage Membership.

Tot op heden dus zonder enige response. Ik vraag me af hoelang dit gaat duren…

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