Recruitment in de uitverkoop?

Vandaag ontving ik deze mail: Why this training? Why now?

“The role of traditional online recruiting tools in competitive staffing environments is changing, fast. Too many recruiters face being left behind as the rate of change accelerates. Others will be caught short with their recruiting budgets locked up in lengthy contracts for tools that are depreciating with obsolescence. Paid-for resume databases and job postings, subscription-based sourcing tools, and even conventional applicant tracking systems, are becoming less a part of the “total solution” as freely available resources make competitive recruiting online accessible to more and more non-geeky recruiters.”

In 90 minuten wordt u voor maar $75.00 een Top Recruiter…….

Jawel, 90 minuten. “This fast-paced session will change the way you think about recruiting and the way you bring new talent on. It will equip you with some of the latest tools and know-how to succeed in 2010!”  Wat er in die 90 minuten voorbij komt is niet misselijk:

  • How to gather competitive intelligence using sites like Twitter and LinkedIn
  • How to monitor changes in the recruiting landscape and for current searches in real-time
  • How to turn your desktop or web-based email programs into recruiting applications
  • How to find buried information on candidates and apply it intelligently
  • How to apply guerrilla tactics for generating candidate flow from social networking sites and resume databases
  • How to build your own search engines and eliminate the need for repetitive and/or difficult search queries for good
  • How to download 100’s of resumes from your search results in seconds
  • How to unlock 100’s of search engines with a single click of your mouse! biedt dit aan. Recruitment in de uitverkoop.

Persoonlijk geloof ik hier niet zo in. Denk dat ons vak meer inhoudt dan binnen 90 minuten enige tips & tricks a $75.00. Liever ga ik daarom woe 23/6 en 24/6 naar TRU om te horen hoe Recruitment anno 2010 echt in elkaar zit.

Natuurlijk iedereen hierin een eigen keuze…………

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