Monster’s Iannuzzi voorziet onzekere toekomst

Sal Iannuzzi Monster’s CEO Sal Iannuzzi gaf gisteren tijdens de earnings call van het bedrijf een bijzonder eerlijk beeld van de economische situatie die het bedrijf ervaart:

Right now, however, there is increasing uncertainty and fear that we may experience another recession. Faced with this heightened lack of confidence, firms around the world are scaling back their hiring plan and more carefully controlling their spending. This is a natural response and is certainly what we are doing here at Monster as we manage through this period.

While we certainly hope that the current political and economic delays will improve in the months ahead, we believe it is prudent to manage our business on the assumption that it will not.

Respect! En een lesje in transparantie voor veel van zijn collega’s.

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