Not a CV

Skills are hot. CV’s are not. The famous Dutch TNO institute implores us to match skills instead of CV’s. To this avail Not a CV just launched in England. It combines the war on bias with the war on the CV.

Let’s take a look. Their website was created, if I’m not mistaken, using the RecruitmentMatters hype generator. They check, disruptive, realtime, reshape, significant, bias free, skills, innovative, exponential, talent and cutting edge. Great. But they leave out the words retention and referral. Why?

They explain their service a follows:

Hey, wait a minute. A candidate creates a digital profile? That seems old fashioned. Except for the ‘digital’ part, of course. Non-digital profiles are really, really old fashioned. Anyway, employers post opportunities. Candidates give likes.

Will this reshape recruitment? Keep in mind, candidates dedicating their life to liking opportunities in different apps are thinly seeded. Not a CV has done well using our hype generator. But I’m not convinced as to the exponentialibility of their services. They ask a lot of handywork from candidates and employers.

To my experience, an exclusive digital relationship between a candidate and a platform, a relationship requiring time to set up, a relationship that doesn’t provide a compelling reason for candidates to keep the relationship warm, is most often not a vibrant relationship. If you are going to go exponential, your relationships with your candidates need to be vibrant.

We’ll find out what Not a CV have to say for themselves. Maybe they will enlighten me.

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