Recruiters are not up to their jobs. According to BrightHire their modus operandi still comes down to “notes, fuzzy memory, and gut feelings. It’s subject to bias, prone to mistakes, and ripe with inefficiency.”.

Eat that, recruiters.

But don’t fear. BrightHire is transforming the battlefield in the war on bias. Recently they secured €10M to expand. Not much, if you take their ambition into account. But, let’s check them out anyway.

Hype generation

By transforming hiring, we are building the most important platform for the future of every organisation.

Wow. They have some serious hyping going on. Douze points.

Let’s see how they match against the hype generator.

Another 10 points. Not bad. But why don’t they use the words disruptive and big data? I have no idea.


Let’s move on to the nugget. A nugget is a catchy example. It helps normal people sell a product by parroting an anecdotal piece of it’s proof. Do BrightHire have a nugget? Yes, they do.

our data shows that “manlogues”, “mansplaining”, and “manterrupting” are also hallmarks of how men run interviews

They show men use more words than women. Most are biased to think it’s the other way around. Neatly done. This is a perfect nugget. It makes it easy for everybody to prove to anybody how BrightHire works.

BrightHire get a full point for this.

Added value

Let’s move on to added value. Does BrightHire have added value? Yes. They structure interviews. I like that part. It saves forgotten candidates. They ask the recruiter for feedback after each interview. I’m not sure if recruiters will keep on doing that. They transcribe Zoom sessions, so you can text-search and count words. I can think of a few general managers that would want that, but not for the best of reasons.

They score a point though.

Yes, but

I like to think BrightHire are well aware that adhering to strict procedures comes with extra bureaucracy and guerrilla tactics to circumvent that and I am sure they won’t hold it against me if I allow my enthusiasm to be a bit curbed.

And what’s this about Zoom? What are they, an add on?

The verdict

24 points. That’s a lot. More importantly, only 22 points are hype points. This means BrightHire scores a maximum of two real points. This might be an all time high for RecruitmentMatters. Let’s hope it won’t add too much to BrightHire’s bravado.

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