Bullhorn koppelt met DaXtra en Textkernel voor search/match functionaliteit

Logo(type) BullhornOngeveer een week geleden annonceerde Bullhorn een tweetal integraties:

Search and match solutions are key in finding candidates and placing them in the right roles. To give customers the tools they need to find top-level talent, Bullhorn is pleased to announce new integration capabilities between expert search and match Marketplace partners and Bullhorn Automation.

En de twee integraties zijn, zonder enige verrassing, DaXtra en Textkernel.

Daxtra specializes in intelligent recruitment automation, semantic search and match, and multilingual resume and job parsing in 40+ languages. Powered by AI and machine learning, Daxtra’s technology enables recruiters to source the most relevant candidates quickly and easily. Daxtra’s solutions automatically load and deduplicate candidate data in Bullhorn to form a solid foundation for Bullhorn Automation campaigns.

Textkernel provides AI-powered candidate parsing, matching, and database enrichment technology for recruiters and talent managers looking to better acquire, assess and manage talent. Additionally, they offer people analytics and labor market intelligence so customers can anticipate future talent demand.

Nou, dat weten we dan ook weer. ATS ecosystemen worden almaar rijker.

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