Google for jobs kills applying offline

What’ s up?

Google for Jobs is conquering the world. By making online jobs accessible in a structured fashion, candidates will find jobs via Google for Jobs, instead of via job sites.

This is great news, as long as candidates are able and willing to apply online and as far as companies offering jobs want to receive/process applications digitally. Jobs without an Apply button will not show up in Google for Jobs, effectively rendering them invisible.

Why should we care?

Google’s requirement to supply an “Apply online” button forces companies to process digital applications, whether they want to or not. Most will want to, some won’t.

This will cause a nuisance for companies hiring candidates who can’t read or write. It will cause a nuisance for companies that prefer to not handle personal data, the number of which is growing.

It won’t be a nuisance, however, for ATS suppliers, a capacity in which Google will soon no longer be acting, as they are sunsetting Hire.

These pesky little details, catering to candidates that refuse to fit ever more greedy common denominators, are easily overlooked.

Take it away

Digitization of personal data is what makes the world go round. If you don’t offer an online application button, your jobs will not reach candidates. Outliers will become invisible. Too bad for them.

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